Amazing resource for moms

Amazing resource for moms to have on hand in emergencies for quick access to important names, numbers and medical info for children. Keeping a few for myself and giving a few to other moms. Clear, concise, easy format. Fast shipping! Product: First Aid Parenting Card Collections

I feel I can now react with expert advice

As a mom and after school teacher, I found these tiny fact packed easy to follow guides to be invaluable! Whether I face meltdowns at home or in the classroom, I feel I can now react with expert advice from a professional team of a school psychologist and pediatrician. Especially love the hints about fostering optimism in children--so important! Product: Collection of 3: Positive Psychology from Toddlers to Teens

Great quality, clearly written, perfectly easy to follow!

Every second counts in an emergency. I feel these tips will enable me to help a child get through a health crisis until a school nurse or an ambulance arrives. Great quality, clearly written, perfect easy to follow first aid tips. Product: First Aid

Easy to read, great demo photos!

I plan to give this booklet as part of a baby shower gift basket! The new mom can hang it in a central location or on the handle of her diaper bag or carriage for quick reference in case of emergency. Easy to read, great demo photos! Product: First Aid

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