How to Talk to Your Disorganized Child







Written by Dr. Patricia Gage

If you want to help your disorganized child, you may want to begin a conversation with something like this:

“I know I’ve been on your case a lot about being more organized. You’re getting older, and I want to see you more independent in getting your work done on your own and make it less stressful."

"I don’t want to nag you, and I certainly don’t want us to argue about it. Let’s get this year started on a good note by setting up an organization system that works for you. Do you have some ideas?"

"How about we start by having a meeting on Sunday nights to clean out and organize your binders?"

Refrain from being judgmental! Don’t start by saying, “This is such a mess!” That will put your child on the defensive, and you are certainly not going to help your child’s willingness to work with you and develop better organizational skills.

Dr. Pat



Yes, I admit it.  I do get exasperated at times with my kids during study time!  

Take a peek at Dr. Pat's Teen and Parenting School Guides.   After heeding her simple suggestions, my kids have discovered what system works best for them, and I have even become more organized (and more composed) too:)

Making small but positive steps now will only help them greatly in the future.

Hang in there!

Dr. Gina

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