Take Homework in Stride

Are you dreading homework?

As we begin another school year, parents and kids everywhere are getting anxious about how they’re going to balance homework with family time, sports, and all the other after school activities.

Keep in mind that research on homework has been met with mixed results.

  • There is very little evidence that homework benefits kids in the early grades (under 3rd grade), but there is some evidence that high schoolers'  performance improves on standardized tests.
  • Further, there is also a correlation (albeit, a small one) between more homework and better science and math grades.
  • A parents' "homework" of reading to a young child and an older child reading for 30 minutes have likewise been proven to be much beneficial.

If you find that your child is buried in homework, serve as his/her advocate and refer to the “10-minute rule.”

  • The 10-minute rule recommends that schools assign no more than 10 minutes of homework per grade level.  For example, your 1st grader should not be doing more than 10 minutes of homework, or your 9th grader should not be doing more than 90 minutes.
  • Homework should also be a reinforcement of what was taught during the day, and your child should be able to do it without help.  If you choose to go through school again, there is no reason for the child to listen and pay attention in class if he/she knows that mom or dad or the tutor will bail him out and do the homework with him!

Our best wishes to all our families for a successful and enjoyable 2017-2018 school year.

Hang in there!

Dr. Pat & Dr. Gina

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