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Mini Lessons on the Brain

            Written by Dr. Patricia Gage, PhD The FRONTAL LOBE is the brain's decision-making spot. Damage to the brain's frontal lobe is known to impair one's ability to think and make choices. And now scientists say they've pinpointed the different parts of this brain region that preside over reasoning, self-control, and decision-making. The frontal lobe is often referred…
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Homework Help – Does Music Help or Hurt?

Homework help tip: QUESTION: Is listening to music while studying beneficial in improving memory or detrimental to it? HERE ARE OUR THOUGHTS: Some kids find music relaxing and report that it helps them concentrate and tune out things going around them. HOWEVER, music with lyrics can interfere with memorization, comprehension, and retention, as they study.…
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Chunking – One of many Memory Strategies

An Interesting Fact about Memory Did you know that that the average adult can hold approximately seven numbers in short- term memory.  Maybe that’s the reason a phone number is seven numbers!   Chunking is one of many good memory strategies to help your child remember.  This is particularly helpful for recalling numbers. For example…
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