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Mini Lessons on the Brain

            Written by Dr. Patricia Gage, PhD The FRONTAL LOBE is the brain's decision-making spot. Damage to the brain's frontal lobe is known to impair one's ability to think and make choices. And now scientists say they've pinpointed the different parts of this brain region that preside over reasoning, self-control, and decision-making. The frontal lobe is often referred…
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Talking to Children About Death

Talking to your child about the death of a loved one and teaching your child how to cope can be very difficult.  You also are likely  struggling with the events that have unfolded and are at a loss for words and action. Parents, and anyone who cares for a child, can look for help from…
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Books, Books, & More Books!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Categories 1. Psychology 2. Pediatric Primary Care 3. For Young Readers For website and app suggestions, click HERE. Psychology Raising Boys with ADHD by James Forgan, Ph.D. & Mary Anne Richey Enjoy Life! Healing with Happiness by Lynn Johnson, Ph.D. The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene No More Meltdowns by Jed Baker,…
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