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Featured Card: “Meltdowns & Temper Tantrums”

[caption id="attachment_1399" align="alignright" width="130"] Click on the card for a PEEK![/caption] We are proud to kick off our card series with "Handling Your Child's Meltdowns and Temper Tantrums." These behaviors are all too familiar, because who hasn't experienced a temper tantrum or a meltdown!  (Even as adults - we just express it differently.) We invite…
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Books, Books, & More Books!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Categories 1. Psychology 2. Pediatric Primary Care 3. For Young Readers For website and app suggestions, click HERE. Psychology Raising Boys with ADHD by James Forgan, Ph.D. & Mary Anne Richey Enjoy Life! Healing with Happiness by Lynn Johnson, Ph.D. The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene No More Meltdowns by Jed Baker,…
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