Published Books

Long Live the Queen

Written by Patricia Gage, Ph.D. & Christopher Gage, JD

Illustrated by Marlo Garnsworthy

Long Live the Queen offers help for both children and adults.  The charming children's story is a read-to or middle grade read-alone resource for adults to share when they need to have that difficult first discussion about facing cancer.

It provides optimism and research-based, proven coping strategies.


...Written from the perspective of a magical kingdom with a queen, king and others, this book engages the reader with excitement and interest while teaching children and professional ways to confront, experience, embrace and ultimately overcome the negative emotions that cancer can bring.  I am thrilled to recommend this needed read to children, counselors, teachers, and all adults, as our society continues to be so affected by this feared disease.

Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., ABPP

President of the brain Health Center, PA

An important contribution to the literature, written with sensitivity and wisdom.  Dr. Gage speaks from the heart of a survivor and a professional... chock full of advice...There are some real gems in here!  The valuable, quick sources of information is a gift as well.

Judith L. Alpert, Professor of Applied Psychology, NYU

Former President of the Division of Trauma Psychology, American Psychological Association

Mrs. Feathergreen Might Be a SUPERHERO

by Patricia Gage, Ph.D., Joyce Holmes, EdD, and Marlo Garnsworthy

Retail Price $16.95

The book will be useful for classroom teachers because it demonstrates research-based instructional strategies that may be considered to increase the likelihood that successful learning will occur. College instructors should also find it a useful tool in demonstrating how research findings can be applied in the classroom. Parents are children’s first set of teachers. A book like this can be a good starting point in facilitating their child’s learning. Hence, learning challenges do not have to be looked upon as barriers to any child’s academic success.View the book on Amazon



"This heartwarming story chronicles the daily challenges and impact of a learning disability from a child's perspective and gives the reader a glimpse of the impact of a learning disability on learning and peer relationships, while providing a menu of strategies to assist the learner... A must read for parents of children with learning differences, general education teachers, new special education teachers, and caring professional working with children with learning challenges."

Maryellen Quinn-Lunny, Ed.S., Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at Florida Atlantic University

"Realizing your child has a learning disability is heart breaking. You want the best for your child, but doubts arise. Will my child become a happy, strong & independent person? Will he or she feel outcast or be bullied for standing out? What can I do?

Two mothers- an educator & psychologist team-have written a story that can help your child not feel like she or he is alone. 

 In this book, live through elementary school with Max!  His thoughts, as he transitions from special education to regular classes, help you understand what your child may be going through. With Mrs. Feathergreen's help, and even Max's, learn strategies to help your child succeed!

My best advice is to read the book with your child a few sections at a time. Re-read as needed.  After each section, ask your child what his or her thoughts are with each situation that Max encounters.  Listening is often the best therapy, and knowing what your child is going through will only arm you with the best approach.  

 Great for any teacher, parent, or family member who cares for a child with learning differences.

Dr. Gina, Pediatrician