More on Music for Home and for School

The use of music at home and in the classroom-Let the music play!

Listening to music can promote better focus for children and productivity at all levels and all ages. It can be played at different times, except when you’re doing direct instruction.  Make sure you select the right music.

·       Because music can affect a person’s heart rate and mood, the number of beats per minute in the music is important to consider. If you want to use music as background when students are working, choose music that plays at about 60 beats per minute, which is the average heartbeat rate. If the music is used for a fast paced activity, choose 80 to 90 beats per minute. To calm down a noisy group, like during lunchtime, use music at 40 to 50 beats per minute.

·       Using music with or without lyrics depends on the purpose.  Music played at the beginning, end of a session of class can contain lyrics, because you’re trying to set a certain mood and not to get the kids to focus. If students are working on a certain task, lyrics then become a distraction.

·       Suggestions for the beginning and end of class: Vivaldi-The Four Seasons, Kenny G –Any selection, Chopin-Most selections, Yanni-Most selections

·       Suggestions for during reflection and processing information learned- Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata, Pachebel-Canon in D Major, Mozart-Piano concertos, Enya (New Age) – Most selections

·       Suggestions for fast paced activity: Any Rock, Disco, Reggae that you like.

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