How to Handle More than just Boo-Boo’s

Raising a child brings occasional boo boo’s, but what if an emergency arises?  Falling off a bike, being stung by a bee, or hit by a soccer ball… Are you prepared?hitfirstaid-deckcollection

To arm parents with medical know-how, we at Hang In There have written several first aid guides to address commonly encountered medical issues.  Read and review regularly.  Post it on your bulletin board, or add these guides to your emergency kit in the car and at home.  Bring them on your travels.

first aid cards parenting tipsCustomize your first aid kit!  If your child has severe allergies, add the Asthma & Anaphylaxis Deck.  Make sure to fill out the information cards, so that you have your child’s medical history readily available.  This will also help grandparents or babysitters who may need this information, especially when you have more than one child!


Create a gift for your child’s teachers, grandparents, college student, babysitters, and coach.

I hope you rarely need these guides but always have them handy.

Gina and Pat

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