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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving ! We are extremely thankful to our family and friends who have encouraged us and supported our efforts this past year, as we launched our new company, Hang In There, LLC. We are very proud of the card sets and resources that we have been able to provide to so many parents. This is a…
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Talking to Children About Death

Talking to your child about the death of a loved one and teaching your child how to cope can be very difficult.  You also are likely  struggling with the events that have unfolded and are at a loss for words and action. Parents, and anyone who cares for a child, can look for help from…
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Story Time… Make it a routine!

PEDIATRICIANS CALL FOR PARENTS TO READ TO THEIR CHILDREN EVERYDAY! The American Academy of Pediatrics issued it’s first ever policy on the benefits of reading aloud to children. “Story time routines benefit even the youngest children, helping them to build vocabulary and communication skills critical to later success in school”, the AAP announced on Tuesday.…
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