Behavior Plans Work!

These are the key points:

Consistency AND clearly stated rules and expectations are the keys to positive discipline.

We recommend:

Pay attention and notice the positive behaviors, and reward your child often.


Children need consistent positive feedback to learn and practice appropriate behavior.

The focus needs to be on specific behaviors you WANT them to demonstrate, and NOT on the behavior you want them to stop.

Here is why Behavior Charts are helpful:

  • Behavior charts are a fun and interactive way to encourage and motivate positive behavior.
  • Kids really like earning stickers or points, and you’ll find they are willing to work for a special reward at the end of the week.

Helpful Rules:

  • Make the chart together and create the menu of things he can select to work for each week.
  • Don’t expect quick results.
  • Start with 80% compliance. If he/she earns 80% of the stickers or check marks for the week, he should earn his reward.  When he consistently accomplishes that for two to three weeks move on to 85% compliance.

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