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Hit with a Recommendation for Grade Retention? Consider the Alternatives

For students who are experiencing academic, behavioral or social/emotional difficulties at school, neither repeating the same instruction another year nor moving to the next grade provides them with the support they need to improve academically and socially. Grade retention in our country has increased in the past 25 years despite the fact that research failed…
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Is Constant Worrying Taking a Heavy Toll on Your Teen?

This is the time of year in schools where kids are having a hard time with excessive worrying.  They feel overburdened with assignments, projects, preparing and taking exams. While some worrying can spur them into taking their schoolwork more seriously, it can also keep them up at night, make them more restless and tense, deplete…
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Does Trauma Impact Children’s Development?

In light of the recent extreme events of terrorism in France and Brussels and strife around the world, our children have been exposed through the media to violence, loss and extreme suffering of people of all ages. Seeing a mass of people fleeting their countries to avoid violence and suppression, while others deal with their…
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Is Your Child Disorganized?

It is unlikely any child wakes up in the morning and decides he wants a barrage of negative feedback from his parents and teachers about his lack of organization. Life is easier for those who have these skills. Organization, or lack thereof, is based on executive functions which are innate neurological processes. Individuals with adequate executive function skills are able…
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