About us

HIT bracelets

The story of Hang in There ...

... began over lunch.  Pat and Gina were discussing the flood of parenting information that came from books, blogs, mom groups, and well-intentioned grandparents.

How was a busy mom to sift through all that information?

A busy mom was just that… very busy.  How does one get accessible and trustworthy advice when it takes so much time?

So, Pat and Gina began curating ideas, adding facts and methods from both their professional & personal experiences.  They asked other busy moms what they thought and felt.  With pen, paper, and lots of coffee, they began to write and re-write.  Soon, the first cards were created.

The positive feedback received from their friends and families was so overwhelming (and we were really touched!).  More cards were produced, and Hang In There was founded.

Our hope...

With these card decks, we hope to provide you, the busy mom, with quick and reliable guidance. Think of these cards as Mother's Little Helpers.

As a pediatrician and school psychologist, we want to share our experiences and knowledge, so that you can enjoy being a mom and feel proud of how you are raising a wonderful, beautiful child.

Join us in our journey, and don't forget to Hang in There!

Pat and Gina