Your son got the nerve to finally ask a girl he likes a lot to the homecoming dance, and the princess turned him down. 

teddy_standing_webWhat would you do?


Your goal should be to raise a child with enough confidence to handle the “no” and to move on, getting to know other girls in his class.


You want him to accept the fact that not everyone will like him or fall in love with him.  Give him the validation that he is worthy of love and attention, but try to control yourself from saying, “Everyone loves you. She’s nuts.”  This is certainly not the last time that this will happen to him.

He needs to understand and accept that in life there will be more nos than yeses.  These experiences only make us appreciate and treasure the yeses more. 


Encourage him to use this as an opportunity to reach out and meet more girls in his class.  Help him by suggesting ideas on how he can initiate a social gathering and allow others a chance to experience his charm and unique qualities.


As a parent, you need to tolerate his pain and hurt by reframing the situation in a positive way and by refraining from ‘trashing’ the girl who said ‘no’. Build his inner strength, so he can handle upsetting situations in the future, but do not instill in him the idea that he’s perfect and it’s someone else’s fault. 


Hang in there!

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